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An automation scripts that prompts you is a letdown, to say the least.


A typical example of such an event is the question you get when you try to unmount a CD or DVD drive from a VM. Some Linux guest OS will place a lock on the CD or DVD, and vSphere will ask you if you want to bypass this lock. And your script just hangs there, waiting for you to reply 🙁

I have been looking for some time to come up with a solution for this automation “issue”. And finally I came up with a working solution 🙂

The Problem

The problem is quite simple to recreate. Execute the following code for a VM that is running a Linux guest OS, and that has an ISO mounted.

The following question will appear, provided you have the vSphere Client open.


My initial idea was to use asynchronous events on a Timer object to answer the question. But that didn’t work, since for the action code attached to such a Timer event to fire, the code has to pass through the .Net  framework. Which in case of such an outstanding question, it didn’t.

An alternative solution that I got working, was with a background job that is started just before the unmount is attempted.

The Script


Line 20: the function can accept the VM(s) from the pipeline

Line 27-45: the background job that will check if the unmount has caused a question. If yes, the background job will answer the question with “Yes“. The background job times out after 5 seconds.

Line 34: In a background job, you can reuse an open vSphere Server connection by using the SessionSecret property.

Line 36-38: The function looks for an outstanding “locked CD rom door” question for the specific VM. If such a question is found, the function will reply with “Yes”

Line 46-48: If no vSphere Server was passed on the Server parameter, the script will use the default vSphere Server connection that is to be found in $global:defaultviserver

Line 57: The actual unmount command. It will remove the mounted CD/DVD by using the NoMedia switch.

Sample Usage

The usage of the function is quite simple. You can call the function for a single VM

This will unmount the CD/DVD from the specific VM. The VM needs to be on the currently connected vSphere Server ($global:defaultviserver)

Or you can use it in a pipeline construct.

This will find all the VMs that have a CD/DVD mounted, and will unmount the CD/DVD




    Nice script…but I’m having trouble with the “start-job” and running the scriptblock $cdQuestion in some environments. Don’t know why…but that made me think, it must be another way…and it is. Used “Try” and “Catch” – see the below snippet from my script.

    PS! The “-option” in the command line “Set-VMQuestion -VMQuestion $question -Option Yes -Confirm:$false” have changed value from “Yes” to “button.yes”.

    Script snippet:
    $Chk_CDROM = ($VM | Get-CDDrive).IsoPath
    if ($Chk_CDROM -match $VM.Name)
    Write-Host -NoNewLine -Fore Yellow “Unmounting CD-ROM – ”

    $VM | Get-CDDrive | Set-CDDrive -NoMedia -Confirm:$false -ErrorAction Stop | out-null
    Write-Host -NoNewLine “Unmount failed…answering question… – ”
    $a = 0
    while ($a -lt 5)
    #Write-Host $a
    $question = $VM | Get-VMQuestion #| ? {$_.Text -match “locked the CD-ROM”})
    $question | Set-VMQuestion -Option “button.yes” -Confirm:$false
    sleep 1


      Nice solution, perhaps the catch could be more specific (declare the Exception explicitely on the Catch).

    Joaquim Castro

    Ok! i used this instead and it works 🙂

    $Name | %{
    $vm = Get-VM -Name $_
    $cd = Get-CDDrive -VM $vm
    $job = Start-Job -Name Check-CDQuestion -ScriptBlock $cdQuestion -ArgumentList $_,$Server
    $vm | Dismount-Tools

    Joaquim Castro

    Hey LucD,

    First thank you for sharing your know how 🙂
    Your examples helped me tons of times!

    This Prompt issue is really annoying; I’ve tried your script and it unmounts the VMware tools installer CD (my linux test vm started to complain that the CD is accessible).
    However when I right click the VM to mount the tools again, it still says “End VMware Tools”.
    I also get the Vmware tools instalation warning when i try to edit the VM…

    and to think this should be as simple as dismount-tools -confirm:$true..

    Steve Schofield

    Ironically, I have a script that runs weekly to disconnect cd-roms. The challenge I ran into where I’ve yet to find an answer is

    “Where do I find a log that shows what permissions are needed to execute a tasks”. In my case, it was through trial and error.
    Is there a log somewhere (probably vCenter) showing what permissions were needed. Do I need to increase verbose logging somewhere?

    Here is the blog post showing the code I’m using.

    PowerCLI, Powershell to disconnect CD-Rom


      Indeed, there is no easy way to find required permissions afaik.

      Could be the subject for a future post 🙂


      if you don’t have access to disconnect a CD-ROM, you may not have permission to modify the Role you are in. But if you do, here is the privilege to be checked in Role. Virtual Machine.Interaction.Configure CD Media
      I usually run my scripts with Admin (or elevated) privileges to avoid errors.
      ~good luck!


        Thanks for sharing that Jason.


    You seem to have set-set-cddrive…. Double “set-” in the sample usage.


      Thanks Clint, nice catch 🙂

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