My PS snapins & modules

In the My PS … series of blog entries this entry lists the SnapIns and Modules I use (regularly).

Note that the following list is my personal list and that it is definitely not my aim to list all available PowerShell snapins and modules. That would be a sheer impossible task, seen the abundance of the currently available  snapins and modules.


Previous entries in this series were My PS toolbelt and My PS library.A few words of explanation on the following table.

In the Fmt column I tried to indicate in which format the add-on comes, as a snapin, as a module or as both. The entries that have src in this column have to be dot-sourced.

In the PSv column you can find which PowerShell version the add-on requires.

The Bit column indicates, where possible, if the add-on provides a 32- and/or a 64-bit version. Some add-ons come with their own DLLs and I had to rely on the author’s information to fill in this column.

Name Fmt version PSv Bit Sort description
PowerCLI snap 4/162509 1,2 32,64 vSphere management
VI Toolkit for Windows Community Extensions mod 60625 2 na PowerCLI addon
Quest ActiveRoles Management Shell snap 1.2.2 1,2 32,64 Active Directory management
WASP both 1.3 RC 1,2 32 Windows GUI automation
PowerBoots mod GPL v0.2 2 32 Create graphical user interfaces
PS Community Extensions (PSCX) both 1.2 1,2 32 Set of additional cmdlets, providers, aliases, filters, …
PowerShell OnTAP src 0.1 1,2 na Interact with NetApp OnTAP SDK
IIS 7.0 PS Provider mod 1.0 2 32,64 IIS 7.0 administration
Active Directory mod 1.0 2 32,64 Active Directory administration
SCOM snap 2007 1,2 32,64 Operations Manager administration
SQL snap 2008 1,2 32,64 SQL 2008 administration
Exchange snap 2007 1,2 32,64 Exchange 2007 administration
SharePoint 2010 ? 2010 ? ? SharePoint 2010 administration

I will try to update/correct this table regularly but feel free to let me know if you happen to have corrections or more recent information.

And you’re of course welcome to send pointers to snapins and modules not in this table that you consider useful.

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