Script-O-Mania submission – PSTop v1

As most of you should know VMware is organising a scripting contest, called Script-O-Mania. For those of you that haven’t submitted anything yet, hurry up. The closing date is tomorrow (March 15th 2010).

After some reflection I decided to go for a performance monitoring script. I wanted to have the vCenter client performance tab, without having to pay for the vCenter Agent license. And I wanted to offer some of the functionality that esxtop provided on the classic ESX systems.

That’s where my PSTop v1 script came to be.

The actual script is not yet included in this post. I’m going to wait for that untill VMware has published the results of the competition. At that time I will also publish my Annotations for the script.

To give you some ideas what this PSTop v1 script is all about, a short introductory video (no sound).

PSTop v1 – Introduction from Luc Dekens on Vimeo.

And two screenshots of a host

and a guests graph.

Watch this space for the script and the annotations !



    Is there a way you can monitor a particular Vm alone using Esxtop ?

    right now after executing esxtop on “v” it displays all the Vm’s ( wanted a particular Vm only )



      I don’t think you can chose to only display one specific VM in esxtop.


    Hi LucD

    Need quick help from you.

    Iam looking for script which can pull up cpu, mem utilization for every 30mins intervals.

    Thanks in advance.




    Hi LucD,

    Thanks for your quick response 😉 Yes, I mean a webbrowser (I search a realtime grappher for ESX 4.0 easy to integrate in a web browser)



      Hi Syl. Yes, I think that would be possible.
      Have a look at the PoshBoard site.
      There are some awesome videos which show what you are looking for I think.



    When are you going to release your script for us? 🙂 Is it easy to integrate your app in a navigator?



      Hi Syl, the version I submitted is already available on the Script-O-Mania site.
      My “loosing” depression is nearly over and I’m currently writing V2 of the script. The new version will be posted on this site shortly.

      What do you mean with “from a naviagtor” ? From a webbrowser ?


    Wow. Excellent work as always. That’ll be hard to beat.


      Thanks Jason and Ian.
      But there’s stiff competition, I’ll have to wait till the jury comes out.

    Jason Boche

    Fantastic work LucD!

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