My favorite PowerShell editor is free now!

I rarely post about products, since I want to keep my blog “technical“, but there was some big news from Idera today.
As from version 4.6, their famous PowerShell Plus editor is now a free tool.

This is the editor I have been using to write, and debug, my PowerShell and PowerCLI scripts since day 1.

It would take me several pages to list the features I like and use in PowerShell Plus, but there are 2 that were ‘love at first sight’ for me; the Debug mode and the Variables pane. You can’t go without those when you are writing a script.

So why not give it a try, it’s for free now 🙂


    Paul Martin

    I checked it out, but saw some red flags.
    1. There is a “Buy” button, which may mean that only a trial is free.
    2. They require you to provide a corporate email. No thanks, I don’t want sales pitches and other spam going to my work email account.
    3. They require you to accept their “privacy policy,” which says they will give your information out to their partners. Again, no thanks.


      Hi Paul,
      That post is from 2012, quite some time ago.
      I should probably delete that post, more so since my current editor of choice is Visual Studio Code.

      That Buy option is for other products they are offering, not the editor.
      But I agree that the corporate email request is not how a community contribution should be implemented 🙁


    This is great news! Agreed, this is definitely a must have.

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