BePUG – RESTful API – Expand your Horizon

On January 14th 2016 we had the 1st BePUG (Belgian PowerShell User Group) meeting in Mons at the Microsoft Innovation Center. Yours truly did a session on RESTful APIs and how easy it is to work with those from within PowerShell.


For a 1st meeting we had an above expectations turnout. For which we thank all the attendees. Judging from the comments we received, we are definitely going to continue with these BePUG meetings. We are not yet sure about location and frequency, but watch the BePUG website.

Please complete the BePUG questionnaire to have your voice heard !

The slides of my presentation.

The slides are of course are of course only a high level representation of the content of the session. Feel free to post questions and remarks !

Some pictures from the BePUG meeting.


The Microsoft Innovation Center in Mons


Waiting for the 1st BePUG session (Belgian style)


A selfie attempt


A little snack during the break




    Adam Rush

    Looks like a missed a good one! I used to spend many weeks in Mons twiddling my thumbs. Shame this group wasn’t set up then.


    Hi Luc,

    It looked like you guys had a lot of fun (and a lot of pizza!).
    It seems like you have covered everything that there was to know about REST API.

    I also wanted to mention that I have written a Posh-Star wars module a while ago available here –>
    There is of course, as in every project, room for improvements and new indeas / features, so don’t hesitate to shoot them at me, or better, participate on it 😉



      Yeah, we did 🙂

      That is a very nice Star Wars module, mine was just a small example.
      You even implemented the Wookie mode. Love it!

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