Ravello PowerShell module v1.1

The Restful API offered by Ravello Systems was upgraded to v1.1 recently. This upgrade introduced quite some new, interesting features. As a consequence, the PowerShell module I published earlier, see my Ravello PowerShell Module post, needed an update. Here is my Ravello PowerShell module v1.1 !

Ravello PowerShell module v1.1

The new Restful API offered by Ravello Systems, comes with a completely overhauled and slick REST API reference.

Update 24th January 2016: now also available on the PowerShell Gallery for Windows 10 and WMF 5 users.

A quick tour of the Ravello PowerShell module v1.1.

The module requires at least PowerShell v4.

There are 105 public cmdlets in the module. Each cmdlet has a Help page,


with one or more examples !


The Ravello PowerShell module v1.1 is available on Github. I’m preparing an upload to the PowerShell Gallery.

One of the interesting novelties introduced in the Ravello v1.1 version, are the Ephemeral Access Tokens. In short, this new feature allows you to give time-limited and restricted access to one or more of the resources you have running in the Ravello cloud. And this new feature is fully supported by five brand new cmdlets in the Ravello PowerShell module v1.1.


Suppose you have an Application, named ThinApp, created in your Organisation and running in the Ravello cloud. Before Ephemeral Access Tokens, you had to add a person, that you wanted to give access to this application, to your Organisation. Now you can do this through an Ephemeral Access Token. And even better, you can limit the validity of such a token in time.

The above code will create such an Ephemeral Access Token. The user that gets the token, will be to run the Application, named App1 for three days from now. On screen you’ll see the created token.


Once you have such an Ephemeral Access Token, you can create an URL that you can give to your user.

Notice how this returns in fact two URLs.


The RavelloUI, gives the user the classic Ravello Web Gui, although limited to the resources you permitted in the Ephemeral Access Token.


The EndUser interface is a new type of interface. Quite nice to view and use.


I plan on doing some follow-up posts with more elaborate examples of the use of the Ravello PowerShell module v1.1.

In the mean time, try out the module and give some feedback.


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