Export-Xlsx, the sequel, and ordered data

Some time ago I published the Export-Xls function to the world in my Beyond Export-Csv: Export-Xls post. And it has been one of the more popular functions on my blog.


Just before Christmas 2012 I got a comment from Gilbert where he informed me that he had written an Export-Xlsx function and had borrowed some of the parameters that were on the original Export-Xls function. We exchanged a couple of emails with suggestions and ideas, and yesterday the finalised Export-Xlsx function was posted on Gilbert’s ITPilgrims blog (which you should follow btw) in his Export-Xlsx post.

In this post I will publish this new Export-Xlsx function with some annotations, and I will also show how you can now export your data in the order you want, provided you’re using PowerShell v3.

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Beyond Export-Csv: Export-Xls

Warning: this post has no “virtual” content !

This time I post a function that allows you to export your data to a “real” spreadsheet (XLS format) instead of a CSV file.

The reason for posting this function was a series of threads in the PowerCLI Community by Suresh. Over several threads he has been collecting scripts that create various reports on his vSphere environment. Ultimately he wanted to have a spreadsheet where each report would be stored on a worksheet.

PowerShell has the very handy Export-Csv cmdlet to create CSV files but afaik nothing for creating XLS files 🙁

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