ThinApp cleanup with ExcludePattern

The last couple of days there was quite a bit of ThinApp news !

Time to post another ThinApp-PowerShell function.

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ThinApp Repository Report

When you’re using ThinApp to package your software packages you are bound to end up with a huge repository after some time. Of course you have documented each ThinApp package you made, but sometimes you will need to produce a quick-and-dirty report. Then it’s handy to fire up a PowerShell script, instead of reading through all the packaging documentation.

With the help of the ThinApp SDK it’s quite easy to produce such a report.

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Using the ThinApp SDK from PowerShell

On August 19th 2010 the long awaited ThinApp SDK became available.It allows you to programmatically interact with your ThinApp packages.  The SDK package is foreseen to be used with Visual Studio, as can be deduced from the  included merge module called ThinAppSDK.msm. The samples that come with the SDK unfortunately only show the use of the SDK with C++ and VBScript. But with a bit of fiddling it’s quite easy to use the APIs from your PowerShell environment.

This post will show you:

  • how to set up the SDK for use from PowerShell
  • some usage examples from PowerShell.

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