Dutch VMUG event 2009 – The (nearly) lost tapes

During my Dutch VMUG event 2009 presentation there was a technical problem with some of the demo videos I prepared. Luckily an audience member came to the rescue by downloading the excellent VLC Video Player via his cell phone. Thanks again for the assistance 🙂

To make up for this technical mishap, the demo videos with a short explanation.

Demo 1

In this video I wanted to show how you can use PowerCLI‘s Web Service Access cmdlets (Get-View and Get-ViObjectByViView) to go from automation objects to and from SDK objects.

Demo 2

The 2nd demo shows how to find your way around in the SDK objects.

It also showcases the two scripts from Dutch VMUG event 2009 – handy scripts.

Demo 3

A sample debugging session in PowerShell Plus.

Shows how to set a breakpoint and investigate the properties of SDK objects.

Demo 4

A sample workflow created with PowerWF Studio.

The workflow is executed interactively and then it is used to build a snapin.


    Eric Sloof

    Yes there’s sound is online but only in Dutch.


    Hal Rottenberg

    No audio? 🙁


      The mike on my headset is broken since a couple of days 🙁

      But there is hope, heard my wife mentioning something about a Xmas tree.


    Fantastic set of demos. Everything is understandable even without a sound.

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