We’re writing a book!

Some of you might be interested to know, Alan and Luc are writing a PowerCLI book.

We don’t have many more details at the moment but wanted to let you know, as we are both very excited (and nervous by the amount of work) about this project.

As you know we both live and breathe PowerCLI. And we want to share our knowledge to help others achieve the level of PowerCLI automation we both know is possible.

One thing you can expect from this book is a practical approach with examples galore. We aim to cover most of the common configuration/troubleshooting and reporting areas with easy to understand examples and explanations.
To answer some of your questions:

Q: What’s the title ?
A: Well, in the end we went for “VMware vSphere PowerCLI Reference: Automating vSphere Administration

Q: Why ?
A: We’re both crazy enough to think we can do this.

Q: When ?
A: Our publisher, Sybex, targets 2011 Q1

Q: What ?
A: Expect a practical, down-to-earth approach. We’re going to show you how you can manage all aspects of your vSphere environment with PowerCLI.

Q: Who are these guys ?
A: Alan, who recently joined EMC’s vSpecialist army, is well-know from his Virtu-Al blog, his UK VMUG appearences, as a co-host of the Get-Scripting podcasts and as the winner of the recent Script-O-Mania contest.
Luc, aka LucD, is known from the PowerCLI Community, his LucD notes blog, his Dutch VMUG and VMworld appearances and as the winner of the first PowerCLI Scripting contest.

Q: Where do these guys live ?
A: Alan, contrary to some rumours, is an English guy and lives in Wiltshire, UK.
Luc lives in Belgium and works in the Netherlands. The best of both worlds 😉



    Awesome I am looking forward to it. Please remember the beginner when writing this book…


      Thanks Eric. We plan to have content for all levels.


    It is great to hear there is another book about PowerCLI written by subject gurus. I hope there could be ebook of it to order. It saves the earth.

    I am looking forward to the born of this exciting book.


      Thanks. Not sure about the ebook version, that depends on our publisher.


    Looking forward to the book. Would be GREAT to have a hard copy reference, instead of surfing the web and forums. If a pre-order becomes available please post when.


      Thanks for the vote of confidence, much appreciated.

    Hal Rottenberg

    Best of luck, guys! I’ll be doing a string comparison against my book, just warning you in advance. :p


      In that case we’ll make sure you get the Dutch version 😉


    great! i’ll buy it!

    Steve Jin

    Hi Luc,

    Great to know. Given you and Alan’s expertise in PowerCLI, I expect it to be a great book. Looking forward to it.



    wow..such a good news. No doubt this book is going to be a Masterpiece from the Masters.
    Will buy it as soon as it gets released. Finally i’m going to learn to write scripts in Powershell 🙂

    Sohrab Kasraeian Fard

    Wooow 😀
    I’m looking forward to it, I’l buy it too for sure.
    Thanks to you, I’m start using PS as I saw a lot of useful script on your sites.


      Thanks, much appreciated.


    This is great news, I’d definitely buy it! 🙂


      Thanks for the confidence but we still have to complete an important part: the writing 😉

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