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In an older post, named Folder by Path, I provided a function to retrieve a Folder object by it’s path.

With the recent publication of my Get-InventoryPlus function, I can now get the path to all vSphere objects. So the obvious next step was to create a function, that would be able to use that information and retrieve any vSphere object by it’s path.


The function was first demonstrated during the 24th VMUGBe in Mechelen.

The Script


Line 26-28: The default StartNode is the RootFolder of the default vSphere server ($Global:DefaultVIServer)

Line 32-87: A inline Helper function that will return all children of a node. When a of the childnode is one of the hidden folders, the helper calls itself recursively. This to avoid returning one of the hidden folders.

Line 38: Depending on the Type of the node, different properties need to be used to find the children of a node.

Line 46-48: A Datacenter node points to four hidden folders. Each of these hidden folders in turn points to a number of other objects of a specific type.

Line 93: To avoid that the Split method returns an empty object when the Path is just the root (/), the [StringSplitOptions]::RemoveEmptyEntries option needs to be used.

Line 105-109: The result is returned as a custom object. The properties of this custom object allows easy access to the results: was the node found, what was the path and what is the actual VIObject.

Sample Usage


In it’s simplest form, you just provide a path with the Path parameter.


The result is an object with a number of properties:

  • Path: the path that was passed into the function
  • Found: a Boolean, indicating if the node was found
  • Node: the actual vSphere object

Inventory Check

We can use the output of the Get-InventoryPlus function, record the result, and then check if all the vSphere objects that were reported are still there. Kind of an iCheck 😆

The inventory was created with the following lines

The resulting CSV file looks something like this


The following script will read the inventory, and use the Get-VIObjectByPath function to check if each of the nodes in the inventory is still there.

The result is displayed on the PS console (yes, I know this must have killed a lot of puppies), and looks like this.


Looks like the junior admin removed a VM !






    Minor code correction : The second example in the function help is calling get-inventoryplus instead of get-viobjectbypath


      Thanks for spotting that.
      That was the “work” name of the function

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