SiW – Robust Sessions and PowerCLI

One of the new features that came with PowerShell v3 was the introduction of “robust” or “persistent” sessions. This is, imho, a huge improvement on the concept of remote sessions who were introduced in PowerShell v2.
In short, before robust sessions, you had to keep the the client, that created the session, open to keep the remote session alive. With robust sessions, the client side can be closed, and you can reconnect to the robust session, even from another client.
This new remote session concept is something that can be used to solve a number of known PowerCLI “issues”.


Siw stands for Server in Waiting. We selected that term since we liked the sound of it, no double entendre should be suspected 🙂

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VMworld 2012 Sessions – Public Voting

It’s that time of the year again I’m afraid.

While this blog tried to bring you useful PowerCLI scripts and functions throughout the year, I now have to revert into begging mode. The VMworld Call for Papers Voting is open !

If you enjoyed one or more of the blog posts here, or if I answered one of your questions in the PowerCLI Community, or if you enjoyed one of our sessions during a previous VMworld, please cast your vote on the sessions I submitted for VMworld 2012.

Session 1328 is offering the best of all worlds. It will answer all the questions you might have about Automation and vSphere. The panel includes superstars William Lam and Alan Renouf, and the master of ceremonies is none other than Pablo Roesch. You can’t go wrong with this session !

Session 1329, which I submitted together with my long-time co-presenter and co-author Alan Renouf, will be the sequel to our successful Best Practices session from last year. There will be a ton of new best practices ! When you use PowerCLI, or intend to use it, this is the session you shouldn’t miss.

Thanks for your vote 🙂

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