DSCR and Pester testing

In my previous post DSCR for VMware and you! I described the open source project that was started to develop DSC resources for vSphere (DSCR). One of the requirements for contributing, is that you provide Unit and Integration Pester tests for any new DSC resource you contribute to DSCR.

The vSphere environment and VMware PowerCLI have some peculiarities that will require you to use some specific Pester techniques to write these Pester tests. This post should help you understand how this done. This is not intended as a Pester course, there are other, and better, resources for that.

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Friendly Units

When you are dealing with big(ger) memory or storage values, it’s often not easy to present these in a human-readable format. I don’t know about you, but I find a number like 766509056 less readable, and meaningful, then 731 MB in a report.

You can introduce some nested If-Then-Else constructs in your scripts to do the conversion, but why repeat these in all your scripts ? That’s why I decided to write me a handy function, that would solve this problem once and for all.

Update November 14th 2011: handled passing a 0 to the Log function.

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