The vSphere 4.0 Quick Start Guide – A little gem from VMworld

When you attend a conference like VMworld you get lots of goodies pushed your way.  With some of these you only realise when you are back home what you were given. The vSphere 4.0 Quick Start Guide is a good example of such a little gem that came my way during the last VMworld.

quickstartThe intention of the authors (Thomas, Duncan, Dave, Stuart, Alan and Bernie) was to produce a 150-page booklet containing the answers to all the practical questions you might have when you are setting up or managing a vSPhere environment. The result became a nearly 250-page booklet crammed with advice, processes, procedures and best practices. And to top it all off they included a lot of PowerCLI scripts.

The vSphere 4.0 Quick Start Guide should be published shortly (matter of weeks, a good source tells me). Watch the blogs of some of the authors for updates !

For the story behind the book and more details have a look at John Troyer‘s VMworld webcast with Thomas Bryant.



    Looking for this to be published. Got a Google Alert going out on it. Tell those printers to get a move on!

    Alan Renouf

    Thanks Luc, glad you are finding it useful.

    Cody Bunch

    Agreed. I’ve started curling up with my copy. It is quite the little gem.


    thanks Luc!!

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