PowerCLI Book Update

As we announced in our post “We’re writing a book!“, Alan and myself started writing a PowerCLI book.

At about the same time Alan got the once-in-a-lifetime oppurtunity to join EMC as a vSpecialist.

Now you don’t become a vSpecialist for free! Alan has beenĀ spending a fair amount of time in training, coming up to speed with VCE (VMware/Cisco/EMC) and traveling all over the globe. The little time he was at home, went of course in the first place to his loved ones.

As a consequence, our chapter-writing schedule failed misserably.
So we decided to get some extra help for the book in order to keep our deadline.

And now, for the proverbial “silver lining”, have a look who agreed to help us out:

Glenn Sizemore Jonathan Medd Arnim van Lieshout

Winner of the

Scripting Games 2010


PowerShell MVP

In other words, the book will now be written by “4 vExperts and a MVP” !

Can’t wait to read it šŸ˜‰


    Marco Shaw

    How about an update on the progress of the book? Amazon.com shows a release date of March 2011.


      Hi Marco,
      The release date shown on Amazon is the date our publisher is aiming for.
      We’re currently writing the last few chapters (3-4 left to submit out of 23) and we’re in the review cycle for the other chapters.

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