PowerCLI at VMworld US

Last year’s sessions by Alan and myself definitely was one of the highlights of my year. And judging by the comments and scores we received, it didn’t go down that badly with the attendees either. So this year we want to “raise the bar”. We have some fantastic sessions planned and hope you will come and see some of the things we have organised.

If I had to use one word to describe our sessions this year it would be “Super”. After you have seen the sessions you will understand why.

So to give you an idea of what we have planned we decided to give you a quick outline of our sessions and also a mention some of the other PowerShell and PowerCLI based sessions at VMworld….

And don’t forget to register in time !

VSP1882 Managing VMware ESXi with VMware vSphere PowerCLI

Time: Tuesday 1:00 PM

In this session we will not only show you how to manage ESXi with PowerCLI but also we will take you through some new VMware technologies released in V5.0, including Image Builder and Auto Deploy. Fun filled and full of demos, this session is sure to bring a smile to the attendees’ faces.

Who should attend ?

Anyone who is managing ESXi in the future or is interested in the new Auto Deploy and Image Builder features within vSphere 5.

VSP1883 VMware vSphere PowerCLI Best Practices

Time: Tuesday 4:00 PM & Wednesday 2:30 PM

In this session Alan and Luc will show you a number of tips, tricks and gotchas they discovered on their long journey through PowerCLI land.

This session will not be a PowerCLI introduction, visit the “PowerCLI 101” session by Cody and Glenn for a good intro.

The Best Practices session will show you how to avoid many of the common pitfalls on your path to PowerCLI glory.

Some questions this session will answer:

  • How do I schedule my scripts and make sure they will run ?
  • What’s up with these hidden vSphere folders ?
  • How to make my script fast, faster, fastest ?
  • How to customize your PowerCLI objects ?

Who should attend ?

Anyone who wants to take it one step further and become their organisation’s super hero in automation and PowerCLI |

All the PowerCLI sessions

Besides these PowerCLI sessions, there are also a number of others that include PowerShell or PowerCLI.

See below for a full list of sessions.

And of course do not forget the PowerCLI lab !


    Peter Learmonth

    Decks are now up on VMworld.com. VSP1883 is there but I get a 404 on VSP1882.


      @Peter, me too.
      Just sent a PM to the VMworld Team.


    I loved your guys’ session (VSP1883) at VMworld. Is the slide deck available yet?


      Thanks, I’m afraid the decks aren’t published until after VMworld EMEA


    Will the scripts from lab14 be available after VMWorld? Thanks!


      @Mike, PowerCLIMan just confirmed they will be published, don’t know when exactly though.


    Just started to get in to PowerCLI…I wish I was able to make VMWorld to attend these course, but moving our HIS to VMWare that week. Hope to at least find the slides after VMWorld


    PowerCLI is fascinating..It would be really interesting to watch your sessions…Are you guys going to post the video sessions online?


      @Raj, the session slides will be online sometime after VMworld.
      We will surely post our demos, but that will probably only be after VMworld EMEA, I’m afraid.

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