yadr – A vdisk reporter

I know there are already numerous scripts to report on virtual hard disks and most of them without a doubt much better then what I came up with for this post.

The reason I started with this script was a question in the PowerCLI Community from Alan in his Thin Provisioned Disks post. He wanted to know if you could get the provisioned and the allocated disk size for a thin provisioned virtual disk.

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RDM & vMotion: inaccessible direct-access LUN

When you try to migrate a guest, that is using one or more RDM disks, you might see this message.


The reason this is most probably because the LUN IDs are different on the source and the destination ESX server.

One solution is:

  • stop the guest
  • write down the Physical LUN ID
  • remove the RDM disk(s)
  • vMotion the guest
  • add the RDM disk(s) to the guest based on the Physical LUN ID
  • start the guest

But why do this the hard (manual) way when we have PowerCLI ?

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